Anyone for coffee or tea?

Cup and Saucer
Cup and Saucer – acrylic painting by Heni Sanodoval

Cup and Saucer is a painting of mine I did a few years ago.  I’ve always liked the rich texture of the pink background against the brown wooden table.  Last night we had our first frost here and it’s been a good day for sipping on hot tea.    It has stayed chilly all day.  The leaves are falling  from the trees now though the colors are still quite beautiful.  I made a big pot of soup earlier and might take a walk later if I can brave the cold weather.  We are quite spoiled here in the south, yesterday I was out in a tee shirt.  It always takes me a while to adjust to the colder weather.  Stay warm or keep cool wherever you are!

8 thoughts on “Anyone for coffee or tea?

  1. It’s a really beautiful painting, I love the colours so much! I’m still not cold here in the UK, I’m sure it’ll be very cold soon enough though! 😉
    Jess x x

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