I am an artist living in Atlanta. I paint with acrylics on watercolor paper. I use the process of layering the paint and scratching back to reveal unique colors and textures in my paintings. Many of my paintings are very kid friendly.  I have started this blog to share these paintings.

I love  painting with  happy colors and lots of movement that I hope  portray the joy and happiness I feel when painting.  Feelings that I remember from my early childhood.

I have an identical twin sister; we were the babies of the family.  My other two sisters were a good bit older, because we had each other, we were left alone and lived in our own magical world of make believe a lot longer than most kids.  I think that experience helped me stay in touch with that magic.  I hope when you look at my paintings that you can identity that feeling of the joy and connectedness that we all felt as very young children.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. — Pablo Picasso

To see images of most of my paintings check out my website at Heni Sandoval – Color and Light

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  1. Hi there, I’m feeling very cheery and chirpy again tonight and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for another Blog of the Year 2013 One Star for your Award. My post will be published this evening at around 7.00pm Australian Time. Congratulations to you for a creating a truly Wonderful Blog. Kidazzleink.com

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found my natural approach to healing Parkinson’s helpful. Good luck with your blog. Your paintings are quite good.


  3. Hi Heni, nice to meet you. I just went through and ‘liked’ a bunch of your absolutely delightful paintings! Gorgeous. Such joyous use of colour.
    Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer. And don’t be a stranger – feel free to join the conversation.

  4. I love your New Years Painting!!! You can see all of your highlights on your pears!!! Beautiful !!! Thank You for Liking my Charcoal Drawing !!! 🙂 *Cynthia

  5. I love visiting your blog. It gives you a good feeling and makes me smile!!! Thank you for liking my deep red still life. Have a happy new year!!!! 🙂 * Cynthia

    1. Hi, I was just at your site! Love your work of the San Francisco area, we used to live there years ago. Yes, I still have my pigs, I mainly sell prints online at this point! Thanks for following, I’ll follow you too!

  6. HI, thanks for following my blog on diet, exercise and living past 100. I hope it proves valuable to you. I like your paintings. You add a nice element of whimsy. Since you write about whatever captures your fancy, I hope you will share some anecdotes about growing up with an identical twin. I would love to hear about that. Good luck with your blog and Etsy shop!

    1. Thanks Tony for coming over, I found your site because I google Aussie Bites. I’ve been eating them and wondering just how healthy they were. I’m enjoying your informative posts. Thanks for your compliments!

  7. HI, thanks for liking my post on fitness, aging and weight loss funnies. I’m glad you enjoy what I have posted. I like your positive point of view. Cheers!

  8. Hello Heni,
    I absolutely love your work! I found your painting of a joyful dolphin leaping with the sun in the background by searching yellow dolphins on google. I immediately fell in love! And I love how you describe the intention and magic behind your work, which is spot on for what I’ve been looking for. I also love to paint in this style connecting with the childhood magic, but I guess I am more of a writer in this lifetime. I am contacting you to ask for your permission to feature your paintings in my newsletter / blog occasionally. It seems you have many images of your work available via google and those can be copy pasted in small image size. I would of course credit you and mention you each time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Janno, I’m happy that my paintings speak to you, thanks for the compliments! Yes, you may use my images for your blog and newsletter. I appreciate you asking! I’ll come take a look at your site when I have more time early in the week.

  9. Hi Heni, It was so nice meeting you today at the wholesale nursery. What a fun conversation! Your paintings are fabulous! They really reflect your spirit. Let’s get together soon! Claire

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