Pink Loops With Blue Roses

Pink Loops with Blue Roses -acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

I have been thinking about time and repeating cycles. My husband and I recently watched Palm Springs, an entertaining film that took a humorous look at a guy stuck in a time loop. Right now it feels like we are stuck in a bit of a unsettling time loop.  Because of the pandemic, many of us are staying close to home and not sure of when the situation will improve.  Challenging social issues are coming back around or being uncovered to be dealt with again and again.

Pink Loops with Blue Roses is my most recent abstract painting. In this painting decided to have a large center focus, similar to the recent painting, Neptune, which I think worked well.  I started with a large pink infinity sign which I then turned into a clover shape loop. I was going to have a pink and light blue loop to symbolize both female and male energy similar to the yin yang symbol but it looked better with pink throughout to connect the two loops.

In my last abstract painting, Triangles, I included some dolphins that seemed to be swimming the Nile, which was fun to do. In this painting, I decided to bring in blue roses floating around the pink loops to continue with the pink and blue theme. It’s a wink back to the days of my papier mache art when I decorated many a bowl with that style rose.

Hang in there everyone, we’ll get through this time loop! Enjoy your weekend!

About Time

About Time – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

About Time is a new abstract painting. I’ve been thinking of how we move through time and decided to paint a cross splitting the page with each square symbolizing one of the four seasons of a year. I also put in the white spiral as we go round and round through the seasons as we move through time.

Last week here in the USA it felt to me that something monumental happened in time, like a big gear clicking into place. I get the sense now that the majority of us are not going back into the same old patterns. It feels like it’s now time to heal ancient wounds and move forward, away from the mistakes of the past, into a fresh diverse future.