Oh Goody!

Happy Pig - acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Happy Pig – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

My friend and neighbor Cordelia Blake recently started an online business where she sells quality items for children’s birthday party favors.  Her creative 11 year old son came up with a  catchy name for her business,  Oh Goody! Party Favors.   Cordelia impresses me greatly because even with a very active toddler and an 11 year old she was able to get her business up and running and she has already been featured on CNN Money!   She asked me to be the artist of the month for her July email newsletter in her new kids art project section.   She has made a cute coloring page of my Happy Pig painting above.  Click here go to her site to see her fun items and to sign up for her monthly newsletter.  I wish Cordelia much success with her new business!

The Pink Pig


On twitter the other day, someone asked the question, “What are some of your earliest Christmas memories?” which got me thinking.  

One of my early memories, so early that to me it seems dreamlike when I think about it, was riding the Pink Pig at Riches department store in downtown Atlanta.  I must have been 3 years old.  My twin sister and I probably rode it with my two older sisters while my parents shopped.  The Pink Pig ride was up on a railing that went around the interior of the store, we could look down and see the shoppers below.  Afterwards we got to visit with Santa Claus and then onto a red room where we picked out small gifts for our parents.   The spring after this experience our family moved to Columbus Ga.  Every year at Christmas, my older sisters would tell us that the “real” Santa was at Rich’s in Atlanta, which of course I believed. 

A while back I had showing of my art work at the Phoenix and Dragon bookstore in Sandy Springs titled, “When Pigs Fly”.  At the opening I was asked why I painted pigs.  During that talk I remembered and realized that the Pink Pig memory was probably a big unconscious reason why I had chosen to paint pigs.

The painting above is called “When Pigs Fly”  and it reminds me of the magic of this season. Wishing all a very magical holiday season!

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