Resonance – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Here is my most recent abstract painting titled Resonance. It is a visual continuation of my thoughts on the wave-particle duality theory that I was reading about during the last painting. One idea that struck me was the description of the principle of resonance that states that when two frequencies are brought together, the lower will ALWAYS rise to meet the higher. An example of this was explained by dropping a pebble in a lake with the waves moving out from the center joining another expanding wave.

From that idea I started the painting with expanding waves of color. I then added a few particles. Another idea presented helped me get a picture of how all this works is that we can think of atoms being like little tornadoes, mostly space. All of us, in fact everything is made of mostly space that’s always spinning! Toward the end of the painting I added the spiral, thinking of the spiral energy of a tornado.

The past couple of weeks here is the USA have been intense. I think that people are finally coming into resonance that our system here is unjust and especially so for blacks and that this needs to change. I believe in the power we all have to look at our shadows of our past, own them and start to imagine and then build new systems that will work for all of us.