Jungle Crocodile

After a While Crocodile - acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Jungle Crocodile – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

My new painting, Jungle Crocodile  is the second in the  jungle series for my Heni’s Happy Paintings Etsy Shop.   I wanted a sunny river’s edge scene with the crocodile heading into the water that would contrast and compliment the moonlit tiger scene painting.  There are many scary jungle stories of having to cross a river filled with hungry crocodiles, Tarzan episodes come to mind.   One of my  favorite books from early childhood was Serafina the Giraffe by Laurent de Brunhoff, a story about a young giraffe who goes to visit her grandmother in the jungle.  She has various adventures with her friends which include a rabbit, kangaroo,  frog and crocodile .  My favorite page is shown below,  that tree house seemed so amazing to me at the time.  Later in the story the nice crocodile friend saves them from the mean crocodile with help from the kangaroo.  All these years later I still remember the nice crocodile friend and how the story inspired me to want to visit the jungle some day.  I hope you like this crocodile;  I think he is a nice one.

heni treehouse 1000

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