The Star

The Star – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Years ago I painted the interior one of my large papier mache bowls with a scene of a woman pouring water out of her vessel, the water turned into waves that curve around the  the bowl. I loved the way the image worked so well with the bowl shape.   I still have the bowl which sits in our living room.   I felt like trying to do a painting with a similar idea.  The Star is the result.

A young woman is pouring water into a pond in the evening with the stars shining above. To me the painting symbolizes that each human being is unique like stars in the sky and that through our own uniqueness that we pour out into the world we help to create a better world. It’s good to see people coming together and focusing on how they can contribute in their own way during this turbulent time period.


Water Lilies with Pink Lotus


Water Lilies with Pink Lotus - arcylic painting by Heni sandoval
Water Lilies with Pink Lotus – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Water Lilies with Pink Lotus is my most recent painting. I got the idea to paint a new lotus from a woman who saw the lotus prints in my Circles Round the Sun Etsy shop   She liked my style but wanted a print that focused on the water lilies as she her new baby girl is going to be named Lily and she wanted it to help decorate her nursery.   I thought that was a sweet idea and so I decided to paint  a water lily pond scene. I think it has turned out fairly well and I’m hoping that she will be pleased.