Pear and Lemon

Pear and Lemon – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  My daughter was home from college for a month and then left the second week of June for Japan.  She has been traveling throughout Japan and is now settling in Tokyo to start teaching.  It’s sounds like she is have an amazing experience.   Perhaps because she only has one more year of college I’ve gotten the urge to start to pare down.  I’ve combed through and sold of a lot of items that belonged to my parent’s estate and also cleaned out years of our stuff  that cluttered up the garage and the rest of the home.  There is still more to do but it is off to  a good start.

I’ve also been going through all my original paintings and making high resolution scans that will enable me to sell on online art sites.   I came across a couple of pear paintings started years ago that didn’t quite work.  I decided that reworking them would be a good project for me to get back to painting.

Pear and Lemon is a new completed painting of the first one. I added the lemon to the lone pear and changed the tablecloth and feel it looks better than it did and makes a nice addition to my pear series.   Once all my paintings are scanned, I plan to start selling the originals also.  One thing I’ve learned the past few months is that it’s good to let go  of things to keep the energy flowing.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Red and Green Pear

Red and Green Pear – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

A few  of my creative friends and neighbors had a holiday artist open house at my home  last Saturday.  Our house looked lovely with all the creative items displayed throughout the rooms, most of us made some extra cash for the holidays and best of all I got a good bit of my Christmas shopping done.  I sold the Red and Green Pear original painting to my neighbors who want to hang it with another apple still life painting  of mine that they bought a few years ago.   I joke with them that they are my patrons.  I have always loved this particular pear painting so it was a bit hard to part with.   It’s my only red and green pear and I like the way it’s centered in the blue bowl with the light behind it.   It’s is one of my earlier paintings and has a naive charm about it that I worry that I’m loosing the more proficient I get at painting.   It seems to be a balancing act that I’m still learning.  I am happy the painting is going to be with good friends who appreciate art!

Three Apples in a Bowl - acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Three Apples in a Bowl – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval