Harvest Maiden


Harvest Maiden is a new painting of mine celebrating the beauty and bounty of fall.  Here in Atlanta, the days have been unseasonably warm and sunny unlike last year when the wind and rain quickly took the leaves away; this year we are witnessing  the beauty of fall as the colors slowly  unfold.   In the late afternoon when I look out my studio window to the backyard wooded hillside, the vivid leaf colors against the blue sky with the sunlight streaming through are breathtaking.  The view inspired me to do this painting.

It feels good to be back to painting.  I had been spending  time matting and framing prints for the  Flying Biscuit Cafe at their new location in John’s Creek.  I  also took a marketing class for artists which was helpful.  I’ve never been business oriented but at this point it is an important skill I need to develop .  The class was interesting, informative and fun;  I realized that marketing takes creative thinking which is helping me to see it in a more positive light.

I also have a new friend that I met at an art fair I was in who has tons of experience in corporate creative marketing.  She is helping me get more directed and focused.  Focus is something that has not come easy for me, I tend to get scattered in a lot of directions.  My husband and daughter are both  focused and directed.  I can see it serves them well and they both inspire me so.  I plan to both paint and keep up with marketing, it will take time but I’m trusting the process and feel it will pay off.

I hope all are enjoying these fall days.

Girl with Young Doe

Girl with Young Doe - acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Girl with Young Doe – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Fall is in the air here in Atlanta.  It’s cooling down and the trees are just beginning to turn, the colors warming up.  Soon the landscape will be lit with brilliant warm hues.  I used these warm colors in my new painting,  Girl with Young Doe, the second in my series of children.   I’m pleased with her, portraits are getting easier for me, practice makes perfect as they say.   I wanted to project a young women who is innocent as the doe yet clear about who she is and in touch with the natural environment that surrounds her.