Moonlit Fox

Moonlit Fox – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Here is a new painting I’ve done for my niece’s boyfriend.  When my sister was visiting a few weeks ago, she thought it would be fun to give him my fox print for his recent birthday.  He had just gotten a striking fox tattoo on his forearm.   The only fox painting I had was a companion piece to the baby bunny I’d done for my other niece’s baby which we didn’t think would work for him.

She commissioned me to do a new painting that would be better suited,  Moonlit Fox is the result.  I’m hoping he will like it.  He and my niece have a lot in common.  They share a great love for animals and both are intelligent, hard workers and they look cute together!  Interestingly to me, each of them has always felt an affinity for the fox.  Her boy friend has always felt a kinship with the fox.  He has light red hair while she has strawberry blonde hair and both have a sleek fox look.  My niece’s favorite Disney film was The Fox and the Hound; she watched it over and over.

The Native Americans saw the fox is a helper for solving problems for those with good intentions and a trickster for those who were too prideful.  The fox symbolizes cunning, being perceptive and adaptable.   The red color of the fox adds a solar element of fun and creativity.  This sounds about right for these two!

Fox on the Hillside

Fox on the Hillside - acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Fox on the Hillside – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

I have just completed Fox on the Hillside for my Heni’s Happy Painting’s Etsy Shop.  It is the third in a series of animal paintings done in the same style that I’ve made for a baby’s nursery or young child’s bedroom.   The idea for painting a fox came to me on my recent trip to Asheville which brought back memories.

Years ago I had lived about twenty miles south of Asheville in an old farmhouse up a country mountain road.  I worked for a landscape architect in town.   I remember that he was very kind to me  and that I got lots of practice doing working drawings for the various government projects he had.    I enjoyed living in the farmhouse; it was a beautiful area and the neighbors were very kind and helpful.  There were cows in the neighbors pasture which was above the farmhouse.  As you walked up behind the home and past the pasture, it got steeper and become a forested mountainous area which turned into the Pisguth National Forest.

One day around dusk I went outside to play my guitar on a large rock just up from the house.  After a while I got the feeling that someone was watching me.  I glanced up the hillside and there was a fox sitting on a rock looking and listening to me.  It was a beautiful creature, it stayed for a bit longer and then scampered back up into the mountains.  It’s one of those moments you don’t forget.  This painting is little tribute to that fox that was listening to me that evening.

Purchase print here:  Fox on the Hill side