Orange Fish in Emerald Sea

Orange Fish in Emerald Sea - acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Orange Fish in Emerald Sea – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Orange Fish in Emerald Sea is another fish painting of mine.  I love painting fish, with their unique shapes, large eyes and gaping mouths. Their eyes and mouths give them  unique character.. It’s a gray day here in Atlanta, I’m on my second cup of coffee and am feeling a bit frustrated.  I started a new tropical fish painting and it’s not coming together so far.  That happens to me a lot, I start the painting and in the middle of the process it is a mess but I know if I stick with it I’ll get it to work.  I decided to take a break and upload a painting that I do like here on my blog.  I hope you like it too.  I just looked outside the sun is out, blue sky.  I think the day is going to get better.

Available here.

Woman with Two Fish and a Bird

acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Woman with Two Fish and a Bird ~ acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

I’m not sure this is a happy painting but I must admit I am happy with her.  This is my most recent painting and I can see that I am getting better at portrait painting.   The human face is complex, the shapes and forms have to blend together well to work.  My husband, who is an architectural illustrator can easily sketch out the human figure.  He is much more visual than I am.  I realize that feeling and playing with color is my strong suit.   I love the fact that the more I paint the better I am becoming at really seeing, this keeps me inspired.

Here I’ve tried to paint a centered, strong willed woman who is in touch with her feelings (fish) and listens to her intellect (bird).

Available here.

Magic Crow

Magic Crow


To create anything… is to believe, if only momentarily, you are capable of magic.’

It is a beautiful fall Wednesday here in Atlanta. The leaves are changing to lovely warm colors and it is in the mild mid 70’s.  Delightful! 

Here is another crow painting of mine.  I like this painting, even though it is acrylic on watercolor paper it reminds me of crayon drawings that children  create in elementary school.

I saw the quote above on my twitter feed this morning.  It is from Tom Bessill who has written a book The Magic Hours, about creativity.  Here is a link to a review by Maria Popova on Brain Pickings, she is one of my favorite tweeters:  Brain Pickings

Print available here.