Robin Among the Dogwood Flowers

ROBIN 1000x
Robin Among the Dogwood Flowers – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Robin Among the Dogwood Flowers is a new painting for my bird series.  It seems that around this time of year I’m usually  inspired to paint spring scenes.  Spring here in Atlanta is breathtaking and each day brings new colors as the various plants awaken.  In the past few weeks the dogwoods are taking their turn with their bright white flowers  lighting up the landscape.

The robins are back in the hood.  Last week a robin landed just outside my kitchen window where I had long close up look at him.  Right then I decided it would be fun to paint a robin.  One thing I love about painting is that it helps  me to observe more closely the the world around me.  On my walks through the neighborhood, I focused on observing the robins and dogwoods as I worked on this painting.

Robins symbolize renewal and hope as they are one of the first birds to return in spring.  Some Native American tribes  saw the robin’s red chest and bright yellow break as a symbol of the dawning of the sun.  The yellow beak symbolized the rays of the sun and when seeing a robin it was a sign to speak your highest truth.

Today is the first day of spring break for all the kids here Atlanta, late last night storms came through helping to wash the pollen away.  I hope everyone enjoys this upcoming weekend.


Thank You Flying Biscuit Cafe!

Framed Fish Prints at the Flying Biscuit Cafe
Framed Fish Prints at the Flying Biscuit Cafe

Framed art at the Flying Biscuit Cafe

Framed Bird Prints at the Flying Biscuit Cafe

My framed art prints have been showing at the Flying Biscuit Cafe in Norcross for a year now.  It has worked out well.  I get exposure as an artist and sell an average of four prints a month.  They get a percentage of the sales and benefit by having colorful art decorating their walls.  I went to replace some sold prints last week and they said they are still pleased with our set up which I was happy about.  I love that they support local artists and the food is great also.   If you are ever in the neighborhood drop by;  my favorite dish is the veggie scramble.

Their address:  5270 Peachtree Pkwy, across from the Forum Mall.

Prints available here.