Three Suns

Three Suns – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Here is my most recent painting. It’s been a long time since I last posted; I had to take a break from painting because of my neck issue which thankfully is finally starting to heal. I began this painting months ago adjusted on the easel for me to stand but even with standing I soon realized that it was too challenging because any slight up and down movement with my head would aggravate the problem. I’ve spent all summer focusing on healing and it’s getting much better.

Three Suns is another abstract. I’ve painted a number of suns now and thought to do one with three suns. Suns are stars and I like idea of stars connecting through solar flares and energy moving through space. So, I played with that idea as I painted, it’s bright and maybe a bit overworked but it feels good to be back to painting.

I still have to take breaks and am learning to pace myself. That’s not really my strong suit, I guess it’s a lesson I’ve needed to learn! I’ll be starting a new painting today. It’s a beautiful here in Atlanta, hope all are enjoying the season.

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