Expanding Spiral

Expanding Spiral – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

After the last painting where I researched the Golden Mean Spiral, I thought about doing a new painting based on a sea shell that follows that same pattern.  Expanding Spiral is the result. Although I wanted it to be somewhat moody by using darker colors, I always end up with the rainbow colors, regardless. This one is quite vivid. I began with painting a large seashell shape diagonally across the page but quickly it started looking more like a DNA strand. I kept working on it adding layers of spirals. I like the three-dimensional quality of the shape. I then added overlaid more elements to complete the painting.

My husband and I are into a getting into a nice rhythm now with our adult daughter living here at home. In September, she starts graduate school at the University of British Columbia. We’re very proud of her; she applied for their linguistics program and was one of only eight students accepted, the program is free for her. Unfortunately, Canada is not processing student visas at this time so she’ll be starting classes online. Hopeful the COVID situation with improve in 2021 so that she will be able to move to Vancouver then.

Well, let’s enjoy August as much as we can considering all the craziness going on!

4 thoughts on “Expanding Spiral

  1. Hi. Great image. Lave the composition, flow and colours. I have shared; all appropriate attributions have been made and supported by a link to your original post; scheduled for Friday. Happy Painting. Best Regards.

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