Cycles – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Cycles is my most recent abstract painting. In this painting I was again thinking about patterns in time and the theory that time moves along in spirals. I painted spirals and waves and particles using my favorite colors.

Right at this moment in time we are moving through what seems like many recurring cycles. Pandemics have occurred cyclically throughout time. Here in the USA, the COVID-19 pandemic numbers are expanding, the government has not handled well as the situation is spiraling out of control in several states. With the murder of George Floyd, issues of police brutality and racism came up for all to see and problems that have continued since the Civil War are back to be faced once again. Also, 2020 is similar in a way to the period of the Roaring 20’s with so much wealth belonging to a small number of billionaires, while many continue to struggle. The pandemic makes financial matters worse.

This year there is an accumulation of cycles that will force us to deal with these issues and begin to envision structural changes in several areas. As we move through critical time, it is frightening and messy but, hopefully on the other side of this, there will be a brighter future for all.

It’s July 4th Independence Day holiday weekend here in the US. The COVID-19 numbers are way up in Georgia so we will be staying home. I’ll most likely start a new painting. Enjoy the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Cycles

  1. Well, we can only hope, all these crisis, will bring forth resolutions to the problems, that a you mention have being left sleeping for so many years now. 🙂

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