Particle or Wave

Particle or Wave – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Particle or Wave is my latest attempt at abstract painting. I started out with the theme of duality and began by painting two large squares side by side filling the page, from there I continued overlaying more elements. Last Friday I went to get the painting scanned but while there realized then it wasn’t quite complete. I left and ended up working on this for two weeks.

As the painting got more complex and began looking less dualistic, I started thinking about the concept in quantum mechanics where matter is either a wave or particle depending on how the viewer sees it. It’s called the wave-particle duality and is the central concept of quantum mechanics. I then started adding more circles and spiraling waves. I added the sun in the center and the white stripe to help the composition and overlaid more waves and particles and called it complete!

Well it’s Memorial Day weekend here in the States, the traditional start of summer. I’m thinking back to all the fun times we had at the neighborhood pool. This year is quite different. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!


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