Tuxie with Mom’s Antique Yellowware Pitcher

Tuxie with Mom’s Antique Yellow-Ware Pitcher – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Here’s a new painting of our cat, Tuxie. Lately he has been hanging out on a chest by the window in my studio. This gave me the idea to do another cat sill life using one of Mom’s antique pitchers.

This large primitive yellowware pitcher sits on our kitchen shelf, I love the shape and the color contrasts nicely to Tuxie’s black fur. I brought it upstairs and added some philodendron plants that I’m rooting for interest and started painting. I spent most the week on it. It’s a larger painting on 18 by 24 inch water color paper then I typically paint on as I plan on framing and hanging it in our dining room.

Recently we changed things up in the dining room, I took out a large side board and crazy quilt wall hanging and moved them into the living room. We moved in my dads antique mission chair recliner next to a drop leaf table which opened up the space provided more connection to our screened in porch. It’s a bit dark though; so, I wanted a larger painting next to the chair to add interest and lighten up the room.

Tuxie with Mom’s Antique Yellowware Pitcher is the result. I next plan on painting our other cat, Truffle in a scene on the porch. They say cooler weather is coming, let’s hope fall weather will finally arrive soon.

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