Twin Fairies


Twin Fairies is my third attempt at painting twins and I think the most successful.  As  I have written on my about page, I have an identical twin sister and we are the youngest in our family.  My parents had an eight and four year old when we came along.  They were busy with the older daughters, so the two of us were left on our own  and played together all the time.   We actually developed our own language and I can remember being in our own imaginary world pretending to be animals, fairies, etc.   If you were to see our baby photos, we actually looked like chubby cherubs with curly hair.

My Mom was born in the early 20’s and when she was a child, her mom gave her illustrated prints of little fairies and children that were popular during that time period.  Mom kept them and they hung in our  bedrooms growing up.  We loved them, they were magical and fun to look at.  I wanted this painting to have a bit of that dreamy, magical style.

6 thoughts on “Twin Fairies

  1. Such wonderful memories!😊 💕 This pain is magical and beautiful! I also wanted to let you know I’ve migrated my artsychiccreations blog to a new domain name and url 😊☀️ have a wonderful weekend!🌈 💖

  2. I remember you and Sara fondly when I spent numerous hours at your cool home with Melissa. I also had lunch with Alice a few years ago in Portland. Give my love to Melissa💕
    Chris Kestle-Kaufman

    1. Thanks so much for reaching out, Chris! Of course I remember you, you must have been one of Melissa’s best friends. To Sarah and me, you both seemed so sophisticated, fun, and beautiful at that time. I’ll be sure to pass on your love to Melissa.


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