Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson - acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

I’ve been blogging for exactly three years now.  I wrote my first post about my dad and his love of nature on his birthday, October 1st.  I always think about him this time of year.  I painted the Portrait of Thomas Jefferson earlier this summer to compliment my George Washington portrait which I painted in memory of Mom.  That print has been very popular in my Etsy shop and I thought a Thomas Jefferson painting would be a fun addition and also a memory of Dad.

Dad was from Charlottesville, Virginia and attended the University of Virginia, later my twin sister went there.  She was the third generation of Strattons to do so.  Thomas Jefferson founded the school and also designed the Rotunda building and the lawn.  It was one of the first public state universities.  My dad’s library contained several books on Thomas Jefferson.

A few years ago my husband and I watched the HBO series, John Adams.   Watching this show helped me to sense the excitement of the American Revolution with the potential of a new and better country.  One of my favorite characters was Jefferson, he was portrayed as brilliant and independent with a dry sense for humor.  I saw my dad as being brilliant with a great sense of humor and very much his own person, I think he would have liked this portrait of his favorite president.

One thought on “Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

  1. Great painting Heni, what an optimistic Thomas Jefferson! A perfect tribute to Dad – Happy Birthday E.V.!

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