Water Lilies with Pink Lotus


Water Lilies with Pink Lotus - arcylic painting by Heni sandoval
Water Lilies with Pink Lotus – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

Water Lilies with Pink Lotus is my most recent painting. I got the idea to paint a new lotus from a woman who saw the lotus prints in my Circles Round the Sun Etsy shop   She liked my style but wanted a print that focused on the water lilies as she her new baby girl is going to be named Lily and she wanted it to help decorate her nursery.   I thought that was a sweet idea and so I decided to paint  a water lily pond scene. I think it has turned out fairly well and I’m hoping that she will be pleased.

8 thoughts on “Water Lilies with Pink Lotus

  1. Lovely Heni – I always love your flower paintings. The colors in this was are gorgeous.

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