Two Golden Sparrows

Two Golden Sparrows
Two Golden Sparrows acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

My daughter is away for a month, she is at the Georgia Governor’s Honor’s Program where she is studying German at Valdasta State University.   I’m very pleased for her, it was an quite an honor  to be selected and she is getting a taste of what college life will be like.  She is having a great time and thrilled that the German soccer team is doing so well in the World Cup.   Last week I got away to visit with my very good  friends who have recently moved to Asheville.  They were our closest friends when we lived in California and it’s great they are now living so close!  My friend inspired me; she is a very creative artist.  Her home was lovely and the mountain setting was breathtaking and very refreshing.

I’ve just completed a new painting. Two Golden Sparrows.  I’m pleased with the color and fanciful quality that evolved.  Looking at it now, I can see how the visit to Asheville inspired me.   I’ve started work on a new painting today.  It’s too hot to spend much time gardening and without our daughter around I’m much less distracted.  Hope all are enjoying this season.


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