Twin Fish

Twin Fish - acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Twin Fish – acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

I was just sitting out on our back porch petting the kitties, such a nice change from the six degree temperatures earlier in the  week.  During the frigid weather I was  busy reorganizing my studio.  As luck would have it, while I was walking a couple of weeks ago I saw a  neighbor putting a nicely made large chest of drawers on the street.  My Husband helped me get it home and upstairs.  Life is going to be easier.  It’s great having drawers now for my prints, paintings, mailers and note cards.   Organization is not my strength but I’m learning that taking the time to get things in order can really save time and frustration in the long run.

A large framed print of Twin Fish sold at the Flying Biscuit Cafe the other day.  Twin Fish is one of my earlier fish works and I’ve always liked the jewel tones and Asian feel of this painting.  I have painted several fish in pairs perhaps because I was born in a pair, with my identical twin sister.  Two fish swimming in opposite directions is also the symbol for Pisces which happens to be our sun sign.  On Monday I plan to get back to painting.  I’m thinking about painting a still life.   This new year is off to a good start and I hope it is for you also!

5 thoughts on “Twin Fish

  1. That is so beautiful, and congratulations on the sale too. This painting gives me a happy feeling! Thanks for sharing! Johanna
    ps and congrats on the lucky find of the chest of drawers too;0) I love a find like that!

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