Young Mary


Last Christmas I gave my twin sister the first print of my painting Young Mary.   I had painted three Mother Mary’s that fall, and this was her favorite.  She felt this painting captured Mary’s strong spirit.  She must have been strong in her faith to listen to her visions and believe that she was carrying God’s son.  In this painting I wanted to capture the look of the Renaissance period  paintings with her golden halo and trim.  The roses symbolize her loving spirit.

The sun rise was gorgeous this morning while I was driving my daughter to her last day of school prior to winter break.  It felt like an early Christmas present.  Tomorrow marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year here in the Northern hemisphere.    I’m ready for the sun to start returning and the new year to begin when I’ll have more time to paint.  Wishing all a very light filled holiday season!

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