Lazy Susan

Black-eyed Susan's in a Green Vase acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval
Black-eyed Susan’s in a Green Vase acrylic painting by Heni Sandoval

The black-eyed Susan’s are starting to bloom and are going to be beautiful against our purple cone flowers.  I painted Black eyed Susan’s in a Green Vase around this time a few years ago.  Black-eyed Susan’s remind me of a song from my older sister’s Laura Nyro’s album that I used to listen to over and over again.   Laura Nyro was such a beautiful poet,  Lazy Susan is  one of my favorite  songs of hers.  Here are some of the lyrics:

Lazy flower, my, you’ve grown so tall. I have lost and loved him, you have seen it all.
Lazy Susan, lazy through, hasn’t got a thing to do.
Oh, but to sit there and light up the hillside, sun-fried, black-eyed Sue.
Lazy Susan, lazy through, all the hills in love with you…..

This summer has brought back memories of the hot and steamy south that I recall from my childhood.  I remember hanging out with my twin sister in the living room listening to music or reading on those humid, hot rainy days.  Since moving back to the south, our summers have been in drought conditions.  Not this year, we’ve just had a couple of solid  weeks of wet, rainy gray days.   A friend on Facebook said it’ is like living in Seattle here without the perks.  I have to agree with that.  We’ve had two days of sun now so my spirits are lifting.  Next week I’m taking my daughter and her good friend to Santa Monica where we will be staying with old friends.  It will be a nice break to be in sunny dry California  Hope everyone is enjoying summer wherever you are.

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