Dad’s Birthday

Into the Sun

Today, October 1st is my dad’s birthday, so he’s on my mind.  Whenever I paint a crow I think of him.  I’ve been pondering why this is so.

He grew up in Charlottesville Virginia went to the University there.  Edger Allen Poe had gone there briefly years before and he was one of my dad’s favorite poets.  Dad would recite the Raven especially this time of year as the days shorten and head to Halloween.

My dad had a real love of nature, and he passed that love on to his four girls.  Most weekends we drove out to the Alabama countryside.  We spent our  afternoons running around picking blackberries, playing in the hay, swimming in the pond and creeks.  We would spy on beavers and shy away from rattle snakes.  There  he taught us to ride a horse,  fish and shoot a shotgun.  He loved  bird hunting.  He never took us hunting but we plucked many a quail.

I loved this time of year out in the Southern countryside.. The beauty of the dried grasses, cornstalks and few remaining cotton balls along side the rustic barbwire fence against the backdrop of the blue sky with crows flying about.  Years later I realize what a gift the my dad gave us.  That experience over time got into our bones.  That is why I paint birds and other natural creatures.  So thank you Dad!

3 thoughts on “Dad’s Birthday

  1. I love the memories of your Dad, leading you to express your love of nature in your work.
    Saturn rules all 3, Father, Earth and Work.
    My Dad and I were also close, thanks for sharing your memories – sound a bit like a Wilson Rawls book – Summer of the Monkeys being a favorite of mine…
    May I feature this work with a direct link to your blog / etsy pages in a future blog ?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes you may! Thank you! Your writing really speaks to me, been trying to figure out why, your outer planet contacts? I’m a Moon Pluto in Virgo opposing my sun. I get so much out of each of your blog posts, I was starting to feel a bit self conscious about liking each one. I think you are very gifted with astrology and writing. My Saturn in Cap in the 6th house and Jupiter in Sag, My dad really did have such a love of nature. I’ll check out the book you mentioned.

      1. Oh Good, thank you ! I noticed this one is not featured on etsy, but I quite like crows/ravens so I picked this one, plus your post theme. I am listening to Teatro, (Willie Nelson and Emmylou) which for me means past memories, and support – my late Dad and late brother. I am pleased you like my posts and they are helping you find your way too. I go with the flow, whatever that is at the moment 🙂 Today cleaning and clearing like a dervish on my last weekend off of for the summer. Pm Me ?

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