2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. This pig, who looks like he might just take off, is my favourite – all your paintings are uninhibited, brilliant, vibrant, so colourful and yet, structured. I’m not an artist but enjoy how you see the same things in a different way. And yes, they do remind me of the kid I once was!

    I’ve liked several ones (still working my way through your posts) and also the stories you share…..just like your cardinals, I see a robin and think of my Dad.

    Heni, it’s nice to meet you and thanks for the follow.
    Radhika 😀

    1. It was fun for me to check in today and see all the views, thanks for taking the time to go through and like my various posts. I really appreciate you compliments and thoughts. I can tell you are a very giving person. I’m so glad that I followed you and will go back for a visit and read more of your posts. Nice to meet you too!

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